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Prayer Request
Welcome to the Covenant Seed Prayer Ministry page.  Our goal and objective is to pray for any and all of your needs.  Life in general is riddled with challenges, turmoil and uncertainty and with today’s economy life can get down right tough.  In times when we do not know where to turn, God just asks us to turn to Him in prayer.
We are a ministry that has experienced first hand the Miracles that can occur when people turn their needs over to God in prayer.  If you are facing challenging times with health issues, financial difficulties, martial and family problems let us pray with you and watch God do amazing things for you.
God wants to give you the break-through and turn around that you need.  We are here to stand with you in faith and prayer.  We will never ask you for a donation or money.  We will not ask you to join our church or try to talk to you about man-made religion.
Email us any and all your prayer request and our pastoral and leadership prayer team will pray for your needs.  One thing we no for sure; God Answers Prayer!
On our website you will find new weekly articles, books and CD’s that are designed to help you find all the success and achievement that God desires to give you.  Anything you request we send free of charge and we even pay for the shipping.
Prayer…it costs Nothing but can change Everything!
 Leave us your prayer request and together lets watch God change your circumstances around and give you a Miracle!
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